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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Herbal Medicine - a prescription tailored to your individual health.

A consultation with an Herbalist lasts at least an hour. During that time there will be a long discussion about the symptoms and ailment bothering you. The consultation then moves on to all other aspects of your health. This allows the Herbalist to gain a wealth of information about your current health, and also your past medical history  - all vital to the success of the prescription.

The herbalist aims to identify and address the cause of symptoms, rather than suppress them, as symptoms are warning signs to indicate a health problem.

A prescription of herbs is tailored to each individual, so two people with the same condition are unlikely to be given the same combination of herbs. Often there are many herbs which may address the problem concerned. The herbalist is trained to select the most appropriate for each individual, and to combine this with other herbs to support the effect.

As a consequence of the detailed consultation, the herbalist is often able to select herbs in a way which allows several health issues to be addressed at the same time.

An example of this is provided by considering a scenario of two people complaining of eczema. One person may have symptoms triggered by stress, but a medical history of raised blood pressure and poor sleep. The second person may have eczema triggered by a food intolerance, with a history of frequent headaches and digestive symptoms. Prescriptions for both are likely to have some similarities, but the combinations of herbs for each will also include important differences, allowing the specific underlying health issues of each individual to be addressed.

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